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Five Minute Profit Sites Review 2021

five minute profit sites review

How To Make Money With Five Minute Profit Sites

As with any money making program we were first very skeptical of Five Minute Profit Sites. Once again we pulled out the company credit card and signed up! On their sales page they stated the following:

Whether you’re a complete newbie or you have experience of making an online income. Owning your own Website is often the secret to being rich and successful. But where do you start?

And how do you build a Website which can actually make you a consistent DAILY income?

Five Minute Profit Sites

This underground team of profiteers have developed a Software which can build a done-for-you Website in under 5 Minutes.

It’s the kind of Website which has could spit out DAILY profit.

This is a little weird but I suggest you check out this private page right away: How To Make Money From A Website. 

BUT WAIT! You expected to be sold on this software, right? Well, please put your credit card back in the wallet, because this review is not going to go the way you expected. Continue reading below…

What are our thoughts on this product…

First things first, the Five Minute Profits Site scam has been around since at least 2010, and it does look like it has only worsened over time. It is also worth noting that these sites have been run by people who do not have any experience in running websites or creating them themselves. They are merely using someone else’s name and credentials to get their site up and running.

Or that they will give you all the tools necessary to start making money right away. This is a scam! It would be best to get in the habit of not trusting anyone who makes unrealistic sounding claims, especially regarding anything involving money. If they say it will work out for you and play the emotions card on you, keep in mind that there is a lot more to the equation than just buying one tool and banking overnight.

There is no way around you needing to know how to create a website and know how to market yourself or your business if you want to see any success online. If you are willing to learn, then check out our list of recommended programs on our homepage.

It does not do what it says it does. Their proprietary software does not develop high converting Websites in just under 5 minutes.. Even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. There is no secret to “highly converting” sites besides a lot of hard work and testing. Anyone that spews BS to you about giving you a prebuilt plug and play website that will bring you massive amounts of money, is full of poo.

If you are not convinced with our review, Google around or ask on Quora. There are plenty of people sharing their not so found experiences with the software.

How Much Money Can You Make

Huge question that a lot of people are asking about all of the products, “How Much Money Can You Make?” The answer to this question is fairly simple and complex at the same time. It all depends on you, a lot of people buy products and then never put them to work.

With this method, I don’t think you’ll ever make any money. Everyone who signs up for this scammy program will get the same exact website. If it was possible to pump out copies of the same exact website, why wouldn’t they just copy past and make billions themselves? Makes no sense.

There is no actual guidance on crucial facets of the business, such as how to get traffic. And it all falls apart if you don’t know how to push traffic to those websites. Who cares what you have to sell if they will never see your website? No traffic, no money making.

Building a website today is easy. In under five minutes, you can do it. Joining ClickBank or any other online marketplace and having an Affiliate ID is simple. All these tasks are carried out effortlessly.

The key argument is that without traffic, this software never operates. There’s a fair chance you’ll be dissatisfied with websites in your hands made just for you. The entire scheme is quite disappointing, and for me, the whole tale of five-minute benefit pages is a fraud.

When I look up and down, I don’t see how you can make money on these websites unless you consider social media ads or search engine optimization.

If you just buy this software and expect to put in no work at all, you are likely to make no money at all. However with A LOT of work Five Minute Profit Sites can bring in great side income, but so can any other website that you build and polish up.

As it goes in life, there is no magic pill in making money online. There are no magic pre-built sites that you can run and make tons of money, unless they are already created, established, tweaked and sold to you for big bucks. Digital nomad life isn’t as easy to get into as some companies might try to tell you. Steer clear of any one of them that tell you how easy it is, because it’s not.

If you want to learn what tools you should be using or what type of marketing plan you should aim for, read our guides section.

Check out our more in-depth guide on how to make money online from home by clicking here.

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