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MasterClass Cost in 2023

masterclass cost

Last Updated: January 28, 2023

Founded in 2014 by a Stanford student, MasterClass is a relatively new name in the online education industry. It features more than 100 courses that cover all the high-in-demand industry niches. MasterClass hires celebrity instructors to help lifelong learners learn from field experts. It is an ideal online learning platform for those who want to expose themselves as a master of different crafts.

Due to its vast sheerness of exceptional-quality courses and easy-to-follow course content, MasterClass has become one of the most highly-recommended virtual learning platforms. The celebrity experts of MasterClass are focused on practical work.

Before signing up for MasterClass, it is vital to learn its pricing structure. It will help you determine if the platform is right for you. Please read on and learn about the different membership plans of MasterClass and its refund policy.

What is MasterClass: A Brief Overview

Founded by a Stanford student, David Rogier, and an entrepreneur, Aaron Rasmussen, in 2014, MasterClass is a well-reputed virtual learning forum worldwide. The platform is headquartered in San Francisco. The masterClass started its journey with only three instructors, but today it features hundreds of experienced and globally renowned teachers. Some of the famous MasterClass instructors include:

  • James Suckling
  • Bob Lager
  • Matthew Walker
  • Armin Van Buuren
  • Chriss Voss
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Stephen Curry
  • Jimmy Chin
  • Robin Roberts

Whether you want to explore a new hobby or learn a new technical skill, MasterClass offers something valuable. The series of lessons provided by MasterClass is coupled with guidebooks and additional material. The platform aims to help students acquire new skills and get valuable educational resources on their computers and smartphones.

In 2021, MasterClass introduced a new learning feature called “Sessions by MasterClass.” Previously, learners had to go to a separate portal called “The Hub” to ask questions or expand their knowledge level to interact with the moderators and peers.

Session by MasterClass is a unique feature where students can learn in a structured curriculum within a month. Each session comes with trained and dedicated teaching assistants who can help you complete your projects and tasks.

MasterClass Price

Initially, MasterClass functioned on a membership model where you could pay annually. But in 2021, the platform started testing alternative subscription plans besides its original membership, which has a flat rate of $180 per year. The flat-rate membership plan is excellent for passionate and self-driven learners who want to learn multiple skills throughout the year. MasterClass also offers three-tier MasterClass subscription plans. You can choose any of the following MasterClass pricing plan, which suits well to your needs:

Plan Cost
Individual Membership $120 per year
Duo Membership $240 per year
Family Membership $276 per year


With MasterClass’ Duo and Family plans, you can download the video lessons for offline viewing. This option is helpful for people who want to take courses on their commute to work without consuming much of their data. Membership plans of MasterClass come with exclusive perks, such as:

  • Unlimited access to 150+ celebrity instructors
  • 14-day guest passes
  • Downloadable guidebooks
  • Audio-mode only
  • Watch video classes anytime and anywhere
  • Access to Sessions by MasterClass

Individual Plan (Standard Plan)

MasterClass’ membership plan is ideal for individuals who want to learn new skills without stepping out of their comfort zone. With this all-access pass, you can access all courses of MasterClass’ library and watch video lessons on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The only restriction on the individual plan is that you can’t download the video content for offline viewing. The standard plan is $120 per year, meaning you have to pay only $10 if you take one course per month.

Duo Membership Plans (Plus Plan)

The Duo membership all-access pass is excellent for two friends or couples. With the Duo plan, you can download video lectures and view courses simultaneously on two devices. The Duo plan costs up to $240 per year, which is $20 per month.

Family Membership Plan (Premium Plan)

Both Duo and family membership plans are almost identical. The Premium subscription plan allows you to access thousands of courses and download them for offline viewing. With this plan, you can access the courses from 6 different devices simultaneously (Netflix has similar restrictions for its subscription plans). A family membership plan costs up to $276 per year, which is $23 per month.

Does MasterClass Offer Free Courses?

Before signing up, most people ask, can I access MasterClass for free? The masterClass is not a free learning platform, but it offers dozens of free courses to help learners access quality educational resources without worrying about budget constraints. The free classes are about 10 minutes long and provided by celebrity instructors like Chris Voss and Anna Wintour.

The free courses are sneak peaks for determining how MasterClass works and what you can expect to learn from this e-learning platform.

MasterClass For Business

MasterClass has some dedicated courses for larger organizations and businesses like other online learning platforms. You can contact sales to get a MasterClass plan for your teams and employees. The relevant and up-to-date courses of MasterClass will help your employees brush up on their skills and become more prominent in what they do.

You can also enjoy MasterClass discounts on group purchasing. The platform offers a discount from 5 to 35% for memberships between 5 and 1,000 seats. The ultimate price of your MasterClass business subscription plan will depend on your needs and team size.

Sessions by MasterClass

Sessions by MasterClass is a recently introduced feature of the platform. It is a hands-on learning approach where students can work with their favorite celebrity instructor for 30 days on different activities and projects. You can also take guidance from a teaching assistant and share your work with instructors and other learning communities to get feedback.

The entire curriculum of a session is defined in advance, so you can prepare yourself for what you can expect to do during a 30-day session. The sessions come with a real-world project to help you better understand what you learn. Although a session will be over after 30 days, you can access its course content until you have a MasterClass subscription.

Playlists of MasterClass

MasterClass features a playlist to help the student learn from more than one instructor and explore the entire catalog. A playlist matches and mixes the MasterClass classes depending on a theme or a topic. They are the pre-made collections of courses that help you dive deeper into multiple MasterClass classes.

Quick List of MasterClass Courses

The courses offered by MasterClass are fewer in number, but they are more comprehensive and valuable compared to other online learning platforms. These courses cover a range of high-in-demand industry niches, including but not limited to:

  • Fitness and Wellness Foundation
  • Yoga Foundation
  • Signing
  • Electronic Music and Production
  • Electric Guitar
  • Producing and Beat-Making
  • Science of Better Sleep
  • Storytelling and Humor
  • Creating Outside the Lines
  • Graphic Designing
  • Self-Expression and Authenticity
  • Business Leadership
  • Economics and Society
  • Business Strategy and Leadership
  • Reading and Writing Poetry
  • Writing for Television
  • Dramatic Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Writing for a Young Audience
  • Scientific Thinking and Communication
  • Sales and Persuasion
  • The Art of Home Cooking
  • Wine Appreciation
  • Modern Middle-Eastern Cooking
  • Texas-Style BBQ
  • Modern Italian Cooking

MasterClass Community

MasterClass has a dedicated section called The Hub, where you can engage in discussion and ask questions from fellow students. This is one of the fantastic features of MasterClass. You can share your work and get feedback from others. You can also seek guidance if you struggle to complete your coursework or project.

MasterClass App

MasterClass has a responsive app, which is available for both iOS and Android. This app helps you complete the course at your own pace. The content quality on the MasterClass app is also exceptional. It gives you a cinematic feel even on smaller screens.

The app also has only audio mode, where you can enjoy online MasterClass courses in a podcast-style manner. The MasterClass app has a 4.4 rating with Google Play and 4.9 at Apple Play Store.

MasterClass Workbook

With each class, MasterClass provides you with a downloadable PDF workbook. This stylish workbook has a helpful summary of everything mentioned in a course. It summarizes all points and helps you complete your project effortlessly.

Final Verdict: Is MasterClass Worth the Price Tag?

It is essential to consider your budget and learning goals before signing up for an online learning platform. The masterClass is one of the leading online learning communities with its legendary teachers. The MasterClass courses have up-to-date and relevant information, which are sure to leave you motivated and pumped.

MasterClass uses proper lighting and sounds to produce cinematic-style video lectures. Along with annual and three other subscription plans, MasterClass offers dozens of courses for free. You can choose from individual, Duo, and Family membership plans to access 150+ classes and enjoy offline learning. If you’re not satisfied with the content quality of MasterClass, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchasing its membership.

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