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MasterClass Review for 2023

masterclass review

Last Updated: January 28, 2023

Have you ever heard about learning a new skill from a celebrity without worrying about your budget constraints? This is where MasterClass comes in handy. Since its launch, MasterClass ads have been filling our screens. It is a leading online learning platform that promises to deliver the highest-quality learning resources to lifelong learners.

MasterClass is a little different than traditional academic platforms. With 100+ courses, the platform is more focused on practical work. It is an ideal e-learning forum for those who want to expose themselves as a master of different crafts.

The cast of celebrity experts and addicting commercials of MasterClass make it an authentic platform. But to shell out $200 to access all platform courses leads to a question: is MasterClass worth it? After getting a lot of questions about MasterClass, we’ve decided to uncover whether it is worth the hype.

In our unbiased MasterClass review, we will help you understand whether it is the right platform for you or not. We will cover the various aspects of MasterClass, including its best courses, classes, instructors, and pricing.

Here is a quick snapshot of the pros and cons of MasterClass to give you a crystal-clear view of the platform.

Pros and Cons of MasterClass


  • Unique content with exceptional-quality videos and audio
  • A responsive MasterClass app to help learners enjoy their favorite courses while having their favorite snacks on the couch
  • Every month new classes and methods are added to MasterClass to help students explore the trendy topics
  • Workbooks with in-depth information are available
  • Unique design for every course
  • Celebrity instructors
  • Opportunity to get an annual subscription at affordable prices instead of spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing each course separately

Cons of MasterClass

  • A limited range of courses as compared to other e-learning platforms
  • Lack of communication with the instructors
  • Lack of progressive learning environment

What is MasterClass: An Overview

MasterClass was initially founded as Yanka Industries, lnc. In 2014 a Stanford student, David Rogier. An entrepreneur named Aaron Rasmussen also joined David as a co-founder and chief technology officer of MasterClass. It is San-Francisco based online learning platform that launched its first website in May 2014 with only three instructors. Today, MasterClass has become one of the most emerging learning platforms in the online education market.

Whether you want to thrive in your professional life or explore a new hobby, MasterClass has got you sorted. It has 100+ courses that cover a range of industry niches. All the courses of MasterClass are delivered by renowned experts and the world’s best celebrities who are well-known for their work and skills.

MasterClass.com offers a high-quality series of lessons coupled with supplemental workbooks that can easily be downloaded for guidance and reference. The prime objective of the platform is to take learning beyond theories and books. It uses fun and engaging ways to help students learn essential skills on their smartphones and laptops.

From designing to business and athletics to writing, MasterClass brings everything to your plate. MasterClass Gift is the most noticeable feature of the platform that enables you to gift MasterClass courses to your friends and loved ones. In 2021, MasterClass introduced a new feature called Session by MasterClass, which allows students to learn in a structured curriculum.

Whether you want to sharpen your creative writing skills with a Margaret Atwood lecture or improve your thinking skills from Neil deGrasse Tyson’s class, MasterClass offers something new to learn and practice.

MasterClass Courses

As mentioned earlier, MasterClass offers plenty of courses that cover a range of niches. Although the number of courses provided by MasterClass is less compared to other similar platforms, they have comprehensive, valuable, and quality content. The platform divides its courses into different categories and subcategories.

Some of the famous courses offered by MasterClass include:


  • Mindful Meditation
  • Fitness and Wellness Foundation
  • Yoga Foundation
  • Science of Better Sleep
  • Self-Expression and Authenticity

Art & Entertainment

  • Arts & Creativity
  • Storytelling and Humor
  • Creating Outside the Lines
  • Graphic Designing
  • Design and Architecture


  • Country Music
  • Signing
  • Electronic Music and Production
  • Electric Guitar
  • Producing and Beat-Making


  • Business Leadership
  • Economics and Society
  • Business Strategy and Leadership
  • Scientific Thinking and Communication
  • Sales and Persuasion


  • Reading and Writing Poetry
  • Writing for Television
  • Dramatic Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Writing for a Young Audience

Home & Lifestyle

  • The Art of Home Cooking
  • Wine Appreciation
  • Modern Middle-Eastern Cooking
  • Texas-Style BBQ
  • Modern Italian Cooking

MasterClass Class Structure

Master Class uses bite-sized learning sessions to help students digest the content thoroughly. All the video lessons are divided into different parts ranging from 5 to 12 minutes. In the lesson, the instructors introduce the purpose and scope of their masterclasses.

Apart from learning a new skill, the courses are designed to help learners how to keep moving ahead despite the hardships and obstacles on the way. Instructors also give assignments between classes to keep students engaged and focused.

Master Class also has a dedicated section on your profile where you can keep track of multiple courses. The progress report helps you better understand which courses are completed.

MasterClass Instructors

Who better teach you what are yoga foundations than Donna Farhi and how to write for television than Shonda Rhimes? For most people, it is not easy to connect with their favorite celebrities and learn from them. To help eliminate this gap, MasterClass.com recruits the world’s top excelling superstars and celebrities to teach you the secret of their skills and crafts.

You will be surprised to know that Master Class features 90+ famous people and superstars from all over the world to teach students everything from health and fitness and TV and lifestyle.

Some of the notable MasterClass instructors include:

  • James Suckling
  • Bob Lager
  • Matthew Walker
  • Armin Van Buuren
  • Chriss Voss
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Stephen Curry
  • Jimmy Chin
  • Robin Roberts

Sessions by MasterClass

MasterClass recently introduced a hands-on learning approach for students called sessions by MasterClass. You can work with your favorite instructors for 30 days on different projects and activities during these sessions. You can share your work and projects with teaching assistants and other learning communities to get feedback.

The entire curriculum of 30 days for a session is decided in advance to help you prepare yourself for what you can expect to do on which day. You can access all the content of the sessions in advance. Your session will be over after 30 days, but you can access the learning material of your session until you have a MasterClass subscription.

MasterClass does not charge extra money to give you access to its sessions. You can sign up for different sessions by purchasing a MasterClass subscription. The sessions have various activities for all levels of individuals, so you can complete the sessions without facing any problems. For example, Neil Gaiman (an award-winning author) walks you through storytelling if you plan to become a storyteller.

Free Trial of MasterClass

Unfortunately, MasterClass has no free trial, which can be a weak point for a highly recommended online learning platform. But it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its subscription plans.

Once you have purchased a MasterClass subscription and found that you’re not satisfied with its courses, you can ask for a refund of your money within 30 days. The platform does not have any lengthy refund procedures. You need to email MasterClass, and they will refund your money within no time.

MasterClass All-Access Pass

If you’re planning to enroll in multiple MasterClass courses, you can go with its annual subscription plan, which can cost $180. Along with its flat-rate membership, MasterClass also offers different subscription models, which are:

Plan Cost
Individual Membership $180 per year
Duo Membership $240 per year
Family Membership $276 per year


MasterClass App

MasterClass has an easy-to-use and responsive mobile app for offline learning. This app can be downloaded on Android and iOS, but it also works well on Apple TV. The MasterClass app comes with some exclusive features. For example, you can manage the speed of your online tutorials and decide whether you want to take a class in audio or video format.

MasterClass Reviews

MasterClass is a legit online learning platform with a 5-star rating from 430 commenters on Trustpilot. It is a stand-out learning space that offers unlimited access to 180+ courses. Many users give MasterClass 5 stars for its:

  • Generous refund policy
  • VIP instructors
  • Affordable subscription plan

Final Verdict: Is MasterClass Worth the Hype?

MasterClass is a highly recommended virtual learning platform aiming to deliver the best and most valuable content through its well-structured lessons. The platform brings the best of the world’s experts to teach you a new skill you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether you want to explore a new hobby, learn cooking, or sharpen your creative writing skills, MasterClass has everything to cater to the needs of individuals. The cast of the world’s superstars, a variety of covered niches, and the highest-quality video content differentiate MasterClass from other e-learning platforms.

MasterClass is worth your time and money if you’re curious and passionate about learning. The MasterClass app is excellent for on-the-go learning experiences.

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