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Envato Elements Review

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Envato Elements is part of Envato Market, one of the largest marketplaces for custom license media related to design and the web. Since we use Envato Elements every single day, why not write an Envato Elements review?

You can get unlimited “free” downloads of images, graphics, icons, videos, etc., on Envato Elements with lifelong licenses. This is our definite go-to spot for downloading pictures when we work on clients’ sites. However, this is not where Envato stops. This mighty company has a ton of different branches. For example, there are professional WordPress themes at Themeforest for just under $50 or useful scripts, plugins, and code for $20 at Codecanyon.

Legit Verified’s cornerstone business’s founding company is website development for clients if we haven’t mentioned it before. You probably already have an idea why we are writing this review about Envato Marketplace, Envato Elements, and other parts of Envato conglomerate. Started by a few Australian folks while completely bootstrapped, Envato company has developed into a company that’s pulling in well over $600M in yearly revenues and growing.

Envato has been offering a subscription model with Envato Elements since December 23, 2015. Much of the products that can be found in various marketplaces can also be found on Envato Elements. With a monthly subscription, you can secure unlimited access to the offer and integrate the files into your projects or those of your clients.

What does Envato Elements offer?

Envato Elements summarizes its offering in 14 main categories. Each of these categories is then divided into subcategories at the next menu level.

  • Stock Footage (Stock Footage and Motion Graphics)
  • Video templates (broadcast packages, elements, infographic, animated logo, openers, product promotion, video titles, and ads)
  • Music (songs and jingles)
  • Sound effects
  • Graphic templates (print templates, product templates, websites, UX and Ui kits, infographics, logos, scene generators)
  • Graphics (backgrounds, textures, social media, patterns, symbols, objects, illustrations)
  • Presentation templates (Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides)
  • Pictures
  • Fonts (serif, sans serif, script and handwriting fonts, decorative fonts)
  • Add-ons (actions and presets, brushes, layer styles)
  • Web Templates (Admin Templates, Email Templates, Page Templates, Landing Page Templates)
  • CMS Templates (Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Muse, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost, Tumblr)
  • WordPress (themes, plugins, template kits)
  • 3D graphics

I’ll summarize a few groups in the next course and go into the offering in more detail. Of course, I have to say that I do not use all the offers to the same extent. I have never personally dealt with the category of 3D graphics before.

How many individual files are there in Envato Elements?


envato elements media count


The range is far too extensive and is growing every week! But let’s talk about some numbers! On December 2020 Envato Elements reportedly have 3,825,030 digital assets. Here is the breakdown:

Does Envato Elements offer stock video?


envato elements stock video review


In recent years, videos have become more and more popular on the Internet. You have to imagine the meteoric rise of YouTube. So it’s no surprise that Envato has the full line of products for creating videos.

At the current moment, Envato Elements has 1,084,633 stock videos and 128,540 motion graphics listed in their database. The definition of the videos goes from 720p to 4K. They tend to be very high in quality. Here is a little advice, if you don’t have a very large hard-drive, do not start saving every video you see since even some short videos are almost 1GB in size! Yes, they are that high of a definition!

Stock videos make it easy to create videos without a lot of filming. For example, if you want to produce a “dog” themed video, you will find several pre-produced video files in the database that you can integrate into your overall project.

Of course, you can find videos on a wide variety of topics here. Be it nature, business, people, sport, to name just a few examples. The choice is genuinely overwhelming and invites you to get creative.

Video templates are mostly made up of files that you can use for your YouTube videos and channels. Moreover, you can download animated logo templates and include your logo in the animation. The whole thing is complemented by product advertising templates, social media videos, and infographics.

Music and sound effects on Envato Elements


envato elements music and sound effects


Since we were just at videos, it makes sense that we now move on to music and sound effects. Of course, you can also use it for other projects such as a radio play, your podcast, or a presentation.

In the music category, as you have probably guessed by now, you will find music tracks from different fields. From quiet background music to heavy bass-heavy electro track, it’s all included. You can also make channel jingles here and logos. Envato considers logos to be short audio files, lasting approximately 2 to 5 seconds, primarily intended to represent the company logo.

A loop is a music file that can be copied seamlessly one by one. The listener perceives a single continuous song. To find these files quickly, you can check the filter options on the left for “Loop.”

Besides music, sound effects can also create the right atmosphere in your project. Here, too, the selection on Envato includes areas almost imaginable. The babbling of a stream? The roar of a lion? The shot of a gun? No problem.

You can use the filter list to make a preset that describes the audio file you are looking for. There are also files here that can be looped as well.

Graphics and images on Envato Elements


envato elements graphic templates


Graphics and photos make up by far the largest part of the Envato Elements database. This section summarizes the most critical points of graphics, icons, photos, and add-ons templates.

In Envato Elements, graphic templates are graphic files that are typically adapted or re-edited by the user before publication. For this reason, you will mainly find files intended for different graphics programs, e.g., B. PSD (Adobe Photoshop) or AI (Adobe Illustrator).

Almost anything you can think of is offered … logos, social media, flyers, posters, infographics, mockups, business cards, and more. There should be something for every project here.


You will find backgrounds, textures, patterns, objects, symbols, and illustrations in the graphics area. So basically all the files you can use to create your graphics. A modular system.

Additionally, the Social Media subcategory contains a wide selection of graphics for your social media profiles, be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whichever other platform you are planning on conquering.

Stock photos

Photos represent more than half of all files available on Envato Elements. These are photo quality photos that you can use for your purposes. Currently, there are 1,828,198 royalty-free stock photos. 

Especially if the budget for your website or your advertising brochure is not that high to organize your shoot, these photos are worth their resolution in gold! Almost everything is thematically available here.

WordPress Twenty20 plugin Envato Elements Experiences The choice of photos has just grown when you consider that having an account with Envato Elements also gives you access to the Twenty20 offer. On their own, you can expect over 50,000,000 photos without having to scoop give away an extra dollar.

Additional modules for your graphics programs

Envato Elements defines add-ons as layer styles, brushes, actions, and presets. I sum it all up as your vote for Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. With it, you can edit your images but also texts and bring them to a new level. Next up in Envato Elements review are the web templates. Envato did not dissapoint when it comes down to the variety of CMS templates.

Web templates in Envato Elements


envato elements web templates


The files available with your subscription are mainly plugins and themes. Plugins are small “programs” that extend the functionality of your C (onten) M (management) S (system). Themes and templates are files that make up the graphic design of your website.

Particular focus on elements for WordPress

Envato Elements offers files for various CMS, but its main focus is WordPress. This can be seen primarily because WordPress has its main category and consists of running on 1/3rd of all websites online.

You can download themes and plugins there and integrate them into your WordPress installations. The selection is outstanding, so you should find a suitable solution for each application!

WordPress template kits for Elementor

Template kits for the Page Builder Elementor were recently added. These are full-page templates that you can easily import into your homepage.

In the official plugin directory of WordPres.org, you will find the plugin for the easy integration of some content from Envato Elements (alternatively: WordPress Admin – Install plugins – search for Envato Elements here). After installation and setup, you can import the template kits for Elementor and embed them into your pages/posts.

In addition to the Premium Elementor kits included in your Envato Elements subscription, you have access to free kits and so-called (free) blocks through the WordPress plugin. Blocks are small, predefined sections for a page. This could be, for example, a contact form or a call to an action block.

Also, you now have access to “archive photos.” These are licensed images that you can use with your license on your pages and in your posts. When creating an article and adding media/files, you will now find the third section next to “Upload Files” and “Media Library”: Envato Elements. There you can directly access the images through a search query and use them in your content.

CMS Templates


envato elements cms templates


WordPress is the most used CMS, but there are other systems as well. For selecting these CMS, you will also find so-called themes in the Envato Elements database, which you can download and integrate into your site.

You can find topics for these content management systems (CMS) on Envato Elements. The most famous CMS is probably Joomla and Drupal. There are also templates for store systems like Shopify or Prestashop. Templates for Shopify, in particular, should be of interest to many dropshipping and store operators.

All CMS for templates are offered:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Adobe Muse
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Shopify
  • Bounce
  • ghost
  • Tumblr

Web templates (independent of CMS)

This is mainly where you will find HTML web templates. These are templates that provide structure and design for your homepage. The offer includes almost everything.

While I’m not sure why email templates are listed in this section, I suspect it has something to do with HTML programming. It is also an obvious added value! Professionally designed emails can have a significant impact on how your customers perceive your business/project. Let’s move on with Envato Elements review and discuss a few more sections of their platform that are left.

Other options that Envato Elements offers


envato elements presentation templates


Presentation templates

You may have already had to prepare a presentation. Content is created relatively quickly. The graphic and structural design is incredibly long because you want to present an attractive result. With Envato Elements presentation templates, this becomes a snap. You will find templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and keynotes.


Fonts allow you to add those already installed on your computer. Of course, there are also here are also several free providers that offer downloadable fonts. However, here you have to be very careful if the police license is sufficient for your project. You don’t have this problem with licensing Envato items!

3d objects

As I mentioned elsewhere, I haven’t looked at the 3D files of Envato yet, but of course, I looked at the offer while looking for the took a closer look at this post. There you can rotate 3D objects in any direction and view them from any angle. Once you find a setting that works for you, you can take some screenshots and download the image as a PNG or PSD.

How much does the Envato Elements subscription cost?


how much is envato elements review


It would not be a real Envato Elements review if we did not discuss the price. You can choose between a monthly or annual model. Envato Elements rewards annual users with a whopping 50% discount. Since the prices shown on the page do not include taxes and fees, it cost differently based on where you are located at.

The price of the monthly payment is $33.00 plus tax. As a result (I have the monthly subscription), the annual payment should be $198. This corresponds to a monthly contribution of $16.50.

A little bonus for all interested parties – Free Envato Elements files

But I also have some good news, or you can call it a bonus: even if you aren’t currently planning on subscribing to any of the subscription models, it’s still worth signing up to the site. Since Envato Elements offers 12 free files to download to every registered user on the website, these change every month.

What can I do with Envato Elements files?


envato elements commercial license terms


The exact license terms for Envato Elements can be found here. It would help if you read through them to understand what’s allowed and what’s prohibited. For instance, they are pretty strict on the commercial use when it comes to pulling graphics straight from Envato and printing them on a T-shirt or publishing videos on Youtube that you got from Envato without editing them.

Envato Elements Review Conclusion

Since we are using Envato Elements here at Legit Verified and our parent company, we might be a bit biased. However, we wouldn’t use them so religiously if they sucked. Envato Elements review is pretty favorable. We would give them 9.8/10 due to us struggling to find super-specific graphics for our clients’ projects.

Otherwise, Envato Elements is a no brainer sign up. We have saved TONS of time and money from searching for free replacements of what we would have had to pay otherwise. Envato doesn’t charge you crazy amounts per picture like most other paid services. They also make sure to provide you with excellent quality images, videos, templates, etc. If you would like to check out your options for free and cheap stock photos websites, then you can refer to our other article.

We not only use Envato Elements; we also use Envato Theme Forest quite a bit as well for the best WordPress templates.

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