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Best Controller For Smash Ultimate

the best controller for smash ultimate in 2021

While the standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers that come with the console are often criticized for being fragile and expensive, we start looking for alternatives. Let’s go over a few of the top controllers for the console and pick out the winner for the best controller for Smash Ultimate that we found!

Whether you’re looking for an additional controller or a replacement, we’ve compiled a list of the best Nintendo Switch controllers. The list includes both proprietary and third-party options. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, click the button below for one of the best consoles ever!

The Best Controller For Smash Ultimate – Nintendo Switch Pro

best controller for smash ultimate nintendo switch

Let’s get straight to the number one controller on the best controller for Smash Ultimate list! Nintendo Switch Pro is easily the highest quality device on the list in design and builds quality. It is heavy in a good way, has unified A, B, X, and Y buttons that offer no incentive for the A button like the GameCube controller.

The thumb pins retract quickly, and the digital clicks are fairly shallow, which makes it great for quick aerial shots and rolling. There’s no C stick, but the Switch Pro’s secondary stick is comfortable and large enough to easily switch from side to side – just like the attachable version of the PDP.

If you like tournament games, you already know that you will be better off with a wired solution. Any wired controller has better latency than a wireless controller.

The Switch Pro controller is very comfortable and the best controller for Smash Ultimate by a mile. It’s heavy and ergonomic, with an HD rumble. At $ 70, it’s not cheap – but it’s versatile and feature-packed while still feeling good on Smash. Unfortunately, at high skill levels, latency is a deciding factor.

GameCube Controller

nintendo gamecube smash ultimate controller

First things first, you will need an adapter to connect this controller to your Nintendo console. However, once you do, you will not be disappointed. It’s like this controller was made to play Smash Ultimate with it.

While the GameCube controller is bulky and wired, it has become a standard issue with competitive Smash players for a reason. They’ll trade in all the modern conveniences of a regular switching controller to be the best. The deep release buttons and handy C-Stick give you a reason to fall back on them. When you play Smash, there’s nothing.

Please make sure you always get an official Nintendo-made GameCube adapter in case you need it. Other brands can be difficult and don’t always work.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

nintendo switch joycon controllers

The Joy-Cons had some connectivity issues early on, but they’re still one of the better Nintendo Switch controllers. Sure, they’re expensive, but technically you get two fully-functional controllers, perfect for the occasional collaborative venture.

Nowadays, you can get Joy-Cons in various colors, including choosing any combination you want from the Nintendo website. However, Amazon has many color options that tend to be cheaper than the official Nintendo Accessories Store.

You can even check out those Joy-Con lookalikes if you want to save some cash. While the look-a-likes will not be exact replicas of the originals and will feel slightly different, they could be as much as half the price.

PDP Gaming Controller

pdp gaming smash ultimate controller

Look no further than the PDP Gaming controller for a cheaper Nintendo Switch controller. It offers many of the benefits of the Pro controller as well as half-price extras.

One of the best additional features is a headphone jack located at the controller’s bottom, making it very easy to immerse yourself. The downside is that it is wired. However, it is supplied with a 3 m long cable. It would help if you had plenty of mobility whether you’re playing at home or on the go.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

powerA smash ultimate controller

If you want something similar (but cheaper than) for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you can’t do much better than the PowerA Upgraded Wireless Controller. It is very close to the official version of quality and ergonomics while saving you a bit of money.

Of course, there are tradeoffs. The controller does not offer rumble, IR, or amiibo support. It also uses two AA batteries (included), which means that the console can offer a longer remaining battery life. The overall build quality is also inferior but much more readily available than the Switch Pro controller, which is often sold at many retailers.

A big advantage of the PowerA controller is that the manufacturer came up with several designs. Some of them are cool and feature characters from Zelda, Mario, Minecraft, Pokemon, Spyro, The Witcher, and more.

HORI Split Pad Pro

hori split pad pro smash ultimate controller

Those who like the Switch portability but don’t like the feel of standard joy-cons will find the HORI Split Pad Pro a great option. It consists of two pieces that fit directly into the standard slots on the sides of the console. It offers a much more comfortable grip and a fully functional D-pad on the left. This design makes traditional fighting games a dream.

Note that these Joy-Con replacement parts are powerful and do not work wirelessly. However, they have several programmable turbo buttons and are significantly cheaper than the first-party Joy-Con controls. If you want the D-Pad but not the volume, HORI also sells a replacement D-Pad for the left Joy-Con.

The Best Controller For Smash Ultimate – Conclusion

Your performance in a fight depends on the controller you use. While you might get away with just one Joy-Con (because you can), you will find yourself at a disadvantage when you’re facing someone with a Pro controller. In Smash Ultimate, quick controller response is essential to connecting and avoiding the biggest hits.

Since this game is always very chaotic, those who rise above it all and can master their movements dominate in the first place. The truth is, no matter which controller you use, there is a learning curve. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be crushing it at Smash Ultimate with the best controller for you.

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