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Udemy Review for 2023

udemy review

Last Updated: January 28, 2023

These days, we live in the internet and technology era. Like other industries, technological advancements have also revolutionized the education department. Whether seeking instructions on starting a new craft or software tutorials, people prefer getting valuable information on their smartphones and computers.

You can find dozens of online learning platforms helping students and businesses get useful information without leaving their comfort zone. Udemy is also a reputable online platform that offers virtual classes to help lifelong learners polish their skills and master their subjects.

With its array of courses and experienced instructors, Udemy has proven itself one of the best online course platforms worldwide. The platform aims to connect learners with teachers so everyone can benefit.

Before signing up, many students ask, is Udemy legit? We will review Udemy in-depth to give you a clearer picture of its effectiveness and reliability. In our unbiased, we will dig deep to uncover the best Udemy courses, instructors, subscription plans, and student reviews.

Pros & Cons of Udemy


  • An exclusive selection of courses from leadership skills and personal development to yoga
  • Availability of great discount codes
  • Completion certificates
  • Ability to attend classes on the go
  • Integration with LMSs
  • Lifetime access to your selected courses
  • Easy to use
  • Equally suitable for both students and business training solutions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ability to engage with the experienced instructors
  • Community of great people to share knowledge
  • The ability to access the reviews and ratings for each course
  • No subscription

Cons of Udemy

  • Lack of interactivity
  • Lack of money-back guarantee on Udemy Personal Subscription
  • Availability of only video-based content
  • Lack of course creation functions

What is Udemy: A Brief Overview

Udemy is a legit accessible stage that offers numerous courses ranging from HTML code writing, cooking, designing, and personal development to dog grooming. The platform has grown into one of the largest online educational platforms since its launch in 2007. As of 2022, Udemy offers 213,000+ courses and helps more than 54 million learners to widen their knowledge and improve their skills.

Udemy is a famous and international digital space that caters to the needs of learners from over 190 countries. The platform also has courses available in 60+ languages. You can access the Udemy courses anywhere in the world on any device.

One of the appreciable things about Udemy is that it links instructors and learners together. Udemy instructors can create their entire course curriculums and make them online after quality checking. This approach helps people share their experiences and knowledge with others, even without interacting with each other.

Whether in the academic or business sector, you can benefit from Udemy. The platform also has fantastic learning options for larger organizations and businesses. In addition, it allows independent instructors to create courses for the entire organization and improve team skills.

Best Udemy Courses

Udemy offers a wide variety of courses, making it harder to list all of them. Some of the best Udemy courses include:

  • The Professional Guitar Masterclass
  • Photography Masterclass
  • NLP Practitioner Qualification
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Leadership Skills

Experienced and professional teachers deliver each Udemy course. You can also get certification or accreditation after completing some Udemy online courses. In addition, the platform offers lifetime access to its courses. It means you can go back to learning whenever you want.

Udemy Course Structure

Unlike other platforms, Udemy aims to match learners’ availability and commitment levels. The length of Udemy courses may vary, but most of them take only 45 minutes to complete. The longest Udemy course may be up to 17 hours of instruction.

The Udemy courses are available in high-quality video forms but can also include slideshows, demonstrations, and lectures. In addition, some Udemy instructors focus on Q&A sessions, while some provide assignments, quizzes, and other supplementals to keep students engaged.

The course description includes all the information, so the students can know what to expect before investing. In addition, you can use the course option to sort the courses by their features and length.

Udemy does not have any specific timeframe for a course and assignment completion, meaning students can complete courses at their own pace. You can also break up your projects and assignments into manageable chunks. Udemy tracks and saves the progress of all the learners.

Udemy Instructors

Being one of the largest and most reputable online educational platforms, Udemy allows anyone to work as an instructor. The platform empowers passionate and intellectual individuals who want to deliver their knowledge to a million students.

Some notable Udemy Instructors include:

  • Jose Portilla-Data Scientist, Complete Python Bootcamp
  • Phil Ebinar-Photography Masterclass
  • Rob Percival- The Complete Web Developer Course
  • John Purcell-Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners
  • Angela Yu-The Complete Web Development Bootcamp
  • Ben Tristem-Complete C# Unity Developer

Udemy empowers only passionate, skillful, and experienced instructors. You can create and make your course online after a deep quality check.

Udemy Pricing

Udemy has a range of prices for its courses. For example, some classes may start from $11.99, and others go up to $199.99. Udemy claims to help learners get valuable knowledge at the cheapest rates. The platform accepts one-off payments and gives lifetime access to your purchased courses. Even after completing the course, you can access its content as often.

It is worth mentioning that Udemy does not set prices for the courses; instead, it is the job of the instructors. A course with in-depth information on a more intricate subject will cost more. In addition, the presenter’s reputation may also influence the price of Udemy courses.

Udemy for Business

Udemy offers excellent learning options for larger businesses and organizations that want to empower their employees. The platform offers a variety of courses taught by experienced business instructors to help enterprises to provide their employees with relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

Udemy offers three different subscription plans for businesses, which are:

Plan Name Cost Best for Features
Team $360 per year per user Group of 5 to 20 users ü  8,300+ accessible courses

ü  analytics and adoption reports

ü  URL and mobile app access

ü  custom logo

Enterprise Custom pricing Team of 21+ users ü  19,000+ accessible courses

ü  Creating learning paths

ü  Custom logo and URL

ü  User groups

ü  Custom topics

ü  Advanced analytics and insights

Leadership Development Custom pricing Open and private programs ü  68+ leadership development courses

ü  Live synchronous events

ü  Executive content curated by top universities


Registration Process for Udemy

The Udemy registration process is quite intuitive. The layout and design of the platform are easy to follow and user-friendly. You need to follow the following simple steps to get registered for a Udemy course:

  • Visit the official Udemy website
  • From the top right corner, click on “Sign” Up.”
  • Pro”ide your full name, email and add a password
  • Check your mailbox for a confirmation email
  • Once you have successfully signed up, click on “Categories” to browse different courses
  • Go to “Subcategories” to find the relevant courses

You can refine your course search by topic name, ratings, duration, price tag, features, and subtitles.

Certification and Accreditation of Udemy

Unfortunately, Udemy is not an accredited platform. It means you can’t apply for college credits or certificates after completing a Udemy course unless a course has specified otherwise.

Udemy has thousands of instructors, making it harder to check the credibility of each course. However, by their judgment, the students must ensure that their selected teacher meets their aspirations and needs.

Udemy lists the instrinstructors’ and credentials in the course description to help students make the wisest decision before buying a course.

Udemy Reviews

Udemy has a dedicated section on its website for sharing user reviews. This section is highly beneficial for getting insights into what people think about the learning environment of the platform. You can also get a score rating on each Udemy course to select the best-rated course in a specific niche.

Udemy also has a TrustScore of 2.8 on Trustpilot. Above this, more than 65% of the Udemy reviews on Trustpilot have 5-star ratings.

Final Verdict: Is Udemy Worth Investing?

Udemy can be worth looking at if you are considering gaining a new professional skill. Being one of the best online learning platforms, Udemy offers a wide variety of courses. This educational platform is ideal for the following:

  • Passionate individuals looking to publish their courses
  • Professionals looking to gain a new skill
  • International students looking for lessons in different languages
  • Individuals looking for free courses
  • Students want to improve their knowledge and complement their studies

The prime objective of Udemy is to enable lifelong learners to broaden their minds and develop new skills. The subscription plans of Udemy are affordable, but the average cost may vary depending on the nature of the subject and the instructor’s reputation. So be sure to check the score rating of each Udemy course before investing in it.

Udemy tends to cater to the needs of both students and business owners. Organizations and businesses can use the Udemy business subscription plans to get advanced and relevant knowledge for their employees.

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