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DataCamp Review for 2023

datacamp review

Last Updated: January 28, 2023

Are you planning to learn a new skill or get mastery of your subject? Proficiency in a high-demand skill can help you become more prominent in your professional life. Technological advancements have enabled us to gain valuable educational resources on smartphones and computers. You need to find a well-reputed online learning platform, select your favorite courses, and enroll yourself in them.

You might come across this through DataCamp if you have ever decided to brush up on your data science skills. This platform is a complete Data Science and Python repository. It offers an all-around excellent learning experience for those new to the field of Data Science.

Before subscribing to DataCamp, you might ask, is DataCamp worth it? It is easy to decide whether the platform meets your requirement and career goals. This virtual learning platform claims you will get more than what you pay if you go in with realistic and proper expectations.

To help make the wisest decision about the authenticity and suitability of the DataCamp, we will review this e-learning platform in-depth. Our experts will cover this digital space’s aspects, including its pros and cons, courses, pricing structure, users’ reviews, and instructors.

Pros and Cons of DataCamp


  • No additional fees or hidden charges
  • An excellent free plan for assessing and completing some projects
  • Excellent learning methods to get a master of SQL, Python, and R
  • Opportunity to work on projects
  • Greater spaces to practice and improve your coding skills
  • The affordable ways to break into the business
  • A sheer variety of courses in data science topics and technologies
  • Easy-to-follow and digestible course content
  • Business and team editions to help organizations train their teams and employees
  • Live events to make learning much more interactive and fun
  • Opportunities assessments to become certified with DataCamp
  • Experienced and field expert teachers
  • Fantastic UX
  • Skills and Career Tracks
  • A fantastic combination of traditional teaching with practical exercises
  • Well-structured and well-organized courses


  • Lack of degree or certificate upon course completion
  • The free plan is less helpful in learning a new skill
  • No refund policy
  • Focuses more on text instead of practical examples

What is DataCamp: An Overview

Founded in 2020 by a group of passionate and skillful data scientists, DataCamp has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing e-learning forums. The platform has gained massive penetration within only two years. It is empowering more than 10 million users across 180 countries. The founder of DataCamp aims to close the data gap between groups and companies by giving access to data skills to everyone across the world.

DataCamp features 350+ courses highly focused on data science, such as coding with Python and R, career tracks, and skills. The platform lets lifelong learners hone in on their learning priorities and become more proficient by writing codes.

DataCamp is the greatest learning platform for those who want valuable data engineering and data science knowledge. However, it is worth mentioning that you need to be self-motivated and driven to gain expertise in technical skills.

DataCamp also features different learning tools such as assessments, projects, live events, and competitions to help you practice writing your code. The team of DataCamp puts a lot of effort and time into making data science accessible and acceptable for everyone.

DataCamp Courses

As mentioned earlier, DataCamp offers more than 350 data engineering and science courses. The courses of DataCamp are more focused on SQL, R, and Python, but it also provides training in the following disciplines:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Spark
  • Scala
  • Excel
  • Shell
  • Git
  • Power BI
  • Tableau

Some of the highly-recommended courses of Data Camp include:

  • Data Science for Business
  • Machine Learning for Everyone
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to R
  • Analyzing Data in Tableau
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Joining Data in SQL
  • Data Science for Everyone
  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Analyzing Police Activity with Pandas
  • Data Analysis in Spreadsheets
  • Introduction to Data Science in Python
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Reporting with R Markdown
  • Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Data Communication Concepts
  • Introduction to Statistics in R
  • Statistical Thinking in Python
  • Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in R
  • Introduction to Python for Finance
  • Introduction to Importing Data in Python
  • Clearing Data in Python

DataCamp Python and DataCamp SQL courses are the best ones you will find on any e-learning platform. DataCamp offers many options, but your learning experience and preferences will decide which course is right for you.

DataCamp Course Structure

You can expect most lessons of DataCamp to vary depending on the nature of the topic. Data science is a wide-ranging and dense subject, but DataCamp tries to cover every aspect of this discipline. All DataCamp courses have the following elements in common:

  • A strategical breakdown of new concepts followed by real-world examples
  • A qualified teacher speaking in-depth in the screen corner
  • Hands-on exercises to help you test what you have learned
  • Helpful visuals
  • Lesson transcripts

DataCamp enables students to learn a new skill in four different ways, which are:

  1. Courses

Data Camp’sCamp’ses, such as Introduction to R, Introduction to Python, and Introduction to SQL, aim to teach students a new concept at a time.

  1. Certifications

You can prove your knowledge about a particular field through DataCamp certifications, such as Data Analyst and Data Science.

  1. Career Tracks

DataCamp features 51 Career Tracks, including Python Programmer, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst. These tracks include a comprehensive set of courses to help students learn about a specific career they want to pursue.

  1. Skill Tracks

You can find 12 learning Career Tracks on DataCamp, including Visualization, Importing and Cleaning Data, and R programming. The skill tracks consist of multiple, in-depth classes to enable self-motivated students to get a broader spectrum of knowledge.

DataCamp Free Trial

One of the best features of DataCamp is that it offers free plans to help learners access quality educational resources without worrying about budget constraints. So just after signing up for DataCamp, you can get a chance to free learning.

With the free plan, you can access the following features:

  • Learning tracks and main introductory courses for each program.
  • A chance to use workspaces and try assessments
  • First chapters of several courses with six whole courses

DataCaDataCamp’slearning plans are fantastic. They will help you determine the platform’s ability, course content, and instructor’s teaching style.

DataCamp Pricing

The Basic pricing plan of DataCamp gives free access to 6 whole courses and the first chapter of every premium course. But if you want to access all 350+ courses, you can use the DataCamp Premium option. This plan costs up to $300 per year but grants access to all in-depth studies with a chance of getting a completion certificate.

The premium subscription plan of DataCamp may seem a bit costlier at first glance. But the platform offers lifelong data skills to help you advance your career.

DataCamp for Business

If you’reyou’rem or a business owner, you can also benefit from DataCamp. This platform is worth investing in if you’re working in a company with the data science of new technologies. With the up-to-date and relevant content offered by DataCamp, you can ensure that your employees are improving their technical skills.

If you’reyou’reger an organization or business, you can decide on the Teams edition of DataCamp. It costs $224 per year per user and focuses on sales and promotions. With Teams Plan, you can access everything included in the premium subscription plus:

  • License management tools
  • Opportunity to manage the groups
  • Track your progress and activity

Some Notable Features of DataCamp

DataCamp has an array of features, but the most palpable ones are:

  • Fun and Easy User Experience

DataCamp has a matchless UX. The colors of the platform are easier on the eyes, and the interface is smooth. It has only a few interstitials or pop-ups begging you to upgrade your subscription plan.

  • Gamification of Data Science

DataCamp uses gamification to get students addicted to learning data science skills. The platform rewards you with an experience point when completing a project or lesson.

  • Variety of Courses

You can access all 350 courses with a single subscription. From anonymous functions in R to data analysis in Excel, DataCamp offers a range of interesting topics to keep you occupied throughout the year.

DataCamp Reviews

DataCamp is one of the highly-recommended platforms for learning more about data science. The platform has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, which is more than respectable. In addition, most DataCamp users have reviewed the platform positively and highlighted its exclusive features.

Only a few users have a poor experience with DataCamp. Most negative reviews are centered around ineffective free plans and inconsistent course quality.

Final Verdict

DataCamp is a legit e-learning platform that helps self-driven and motivated learners improve their 21st-century data skills. The platform features real-world projects, hands-on exercises, live events, and projects to make learning more interactive.

DataCamp was established only a few years ago, but it has gained more than 10 million subscribers. It collaborates with world-renowned companies, including PayPal, Uber, and Google.

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