5 Best Phone Camera Lenses That You Can Buy

best smartphone camera lens kit

Phone Camera Lens Kit Are Taking Market By The Storm

Most of us cannot even think about leaving the house without our smartphones. One of the main features why smartphones have become inseparable from us is the built in cameras. Phone cameras have evolved over time and can now replace a lot of entry level digital cameras. But what if you want to step up your game and phone camera along with editing apps are just not enough? That’s where you might need a phone camera lens kit.

You no longer have to limit yourself with traditional pictures that you would regularly take on your phone. Phone camera lenses can broaden your abilities to capture the world from different points of view.

Want to included more of an area that your phone camera can show? There is a wide angle phone camera lens for that. Want to zoom in on a super tiny object but your phone camera cannot focus well on it? There is a macro lens camera kits for that! Want to look at the world from a super cool fisheye perspective? Well, you guessed it, there is a fisheye phone lens kit for that!

Phone camera lens kit come in different shapes and sizes as well as a broad price range. So which phone camera lens is the best for you? We have put together a list of what we have tested and thought are the 5 best phone camera lenses in 2019.

1. PhotoSpots PhotoPro Camera Lens Kit

Brought to you by the creators of the Photo Spot App this clip on phone camera lens kit can fit most of the devices. Yes, that includes the new iPhone X Max or even XR as well as the newest Samsung phones. We first came across this camera lens kit through an ad on Instagram and bought it while they were running a package deal… Get this… 50% off on the lens kit itself, plus an Instagram Course that usually sells for $99 (btw it’s VERY good).

The quality of packaging and the lens itself exceeded our expectations. Usually lenses of that high of a quality go for at least $50 but this one we snatched for $29.99. You would think that at such a discounted price there must be something wrong with it, but surprisingly it worked as advertised. No dark corners, no distortions, it just worked like a charm.

best phone camera lens better than xenvo

2. Moment Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens Kit

This one is one of the most expensive phone camera lenses on the market but it is worth every penny. The quality of the lens itself is unmatched and the design is second to none. Want to take amazing wide angle pictures while having a super luxurious lens attached to your phone? Look no further than this Moment Wide Angle Lens.

The only downfall that we found with this lens besides the price was that you also have to purchase a phone case made by Moment as well. The lens itself cost around $117 and the case goes for around $35. So in total you will end up spending around $152 but if you are not hurting for money, this kit would be the way to go.

where to buy moment phone camera lens kit
3. Sony DSC-QX10/B Smartphone Attachable 4.45-44.5mm Lens-Style Camera

THIS ONE IS EXPENSIVE! But hey, for 18 Mega Pixels and no need to keep attaching it to your phone, it might be a good deal for the ones with deeper pockets. The camera connects to your phone through Wifi and can take some amazing pictures! Sony is famous for their camera quality and this lens is no different.

There are some downfalls with this product. For starters it has been noticed to have a slight bit of a lag when taking pictures. Could be the wifi connectivity being not fully worked out. It also requires you to be slightly tech savy to use this lens. The word on the street is that it tends to not work too well with Android devices. However, for the quality that this camera can produce and zoom in features, it is an amazing camera lens.

Sony phone camera lens kit zoom

4. Zeso Phone Camera Lens Kit

These lenses are around $40 on Amazon and come with Prime option, and they can do wonders for your smartphone’s camera. Each lens is crafted out of thick, high-clarity glass. You can get a lens for everything from wide angle photography to fisheye shots. This particular set comes with a phone tripod and a clicker to make sure that you take the best shots without accidentally moving the phone and losing image quality.

Top 5 phone camera lens kits 2019

5.TODI 4K HD 2 in 1 Lens Kit

At the time of writing this review, TOBI lens kit is going for $32.99 with Prime shipping on Amazon. They claim to give you a 4K HD view, but as you probably guessed it already it cannot increase the resolution of your phone’s camera. It can, however make your pictures cooler! Description reads: 4K HD 2 in 1 Aspherical Wide Angle Lens, Super Macro Lens,Clip-On Phone Lens Compatible iPhone,Samsung, Most Andriod Phones (No Distortion). Which is true, it’s a very good camera for a great price, however we still like the PhotoSpots lens better due to it’s quick and easy attachment and great quality.

best phone camera lens kit comparison

As you look to buy a lens for your smartphone, don’t forget about compatibility. While some lenses work universally with multiple devices, others are only functional with certain smartphones. Also keep in mind what type of lens you’re looking for, whether it’s fisheye or macro. Most lenses are not multifunctional, but come with pieces that can be switched out to achieve the shot you desire.

Which lenses do you love and hate? Let us know in the comments below.

Images are official company product images.

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