Instagram Story Viewer – Mass Story Views Review

At first glance when we were reviewing Mass Story Viewer service, we were a bit skeptical, as always. There are quite a few services emerging in the market calling to be Instagram Story Viewer services. Choosing the right one to go with was the hard part.

Due to recent Instagram algorithm changes most of the automation services are no longer working. Old follow-unfollow methods as well as spam comment and like methods are no longer working or will get your account in hot water. We all waited for the new trend, and it came… From Russia to be exact.

Have you noticed countless of Russian accounts viewing your stories? Some of them can even have 1M+ followers (happened to me twice). Did seeing them as people that viewed your story make you go and click on their profiles? It sure did to us.

Instagram Story Viewer Russian Accounts

So here we were, looking for a perfect solution that will help us get in the place of those Russian accounts and automatically go around watching people’s stories. In return we would attract those accounts to come and check our pages out. After a lot of disappointments and some bitcoin requests by some of those shady services, we finally found a non-Russian ran service that seems to be from the US.

Mass Story Views – Best Instagram Story Viewer Service?

Signing up was quick and MSV team member reached out to us within minutes. After we set up a few of our test accounts with their service, we set and waited. For us to see if a service is showing any signs of working, we decided to wait at least 7 days.

Best Instagram Story Viewer Service in United States

If a service shows signs of growth instantly, a lot of times it is a fake service boosting your following with fake farmed followers. Popular strategy of services provided by the eastern block.

First day was nothing special, however, all of the accounts that were losing followers daily before, now started gaining in single digits. A few more days passed and some of our accounts even hit 120 new followers per day.

Instagram Story Viewer Service Review - Mass Story Views

During the whole duration of testing we had 0 issues with Instagram. We were able to use our accounts as much as we wanted without any action blocks or warnings from Instagram.

Overall we will give the guys at MSV 9/10 because no one is perfect. The sign up process requires some manual work on their part but it’s totally worth this tiny inconvenience. We were told that soon customers will be able to set everything up themselves.

Legit Verified? A big YES! While MSV is undoubtedly the best Instagram Story Viewer service, it has also has been very safe with our accounts. Signing up for third party services is always scary when your Instagram accounts are in question. Mass Story Views never made us feel like we put our accounts in any type of danger.

Price runs around $19 for a slower setting and $29 for the faster setting (the one we chose). You can visit the page and sign up by clicking this link (not affiliate link).